Yesterday, I started thinking about cunning pets, because of course I use Tenacity and Ferocity pets quite regularly for PvE, dailies, levelling, soloing, but never Cunning pets. So I looked into it and they’re pretty good for PvP. Now, I don’t PvP much at all, when I do it’s for a tabard or a mount usually, so I thought I’d find one that’s already fairly close to 80. During my search I found that the Dragonhawk trash before Alar in Tempest Keep is now tameable and though that’s pretty difficult, I can’t help but want one! I also checked the different Wind Serpent skins and decided I preferred the red one, during my usual ZG soloing I grabbed myself a Son of Hakkar.

There has also been some of the Onyxia loot released already from the PTR, though, badly modelled, as we already knew I suppose, we have a gun which I might be drooling over just a little, the Snub-Nose Blastershot Launcher. The Onyxia mount has been released though I really hope this isn’t the final model, as Dan pointed out, it looks like the mount is a dragon in drag 😛 As well as the usual Sack of Gems, and 22 slot bag. Looking to be a decent little raid instance.