New boss up yesterday in Crusader’s Colosseum, The Faction Champions. The fight is basically one big arena. I can’t remember exactly which NPCs we had, though there was a priest, a resto druid, an enhancement shaman, a hunter and a warlock, definitely. In my opinion, it’s such a messy fight, just like arena, but bigger and with more repair bills. Now I don’t mind wiping, I don’t mind repair bills.. but putting arena into a raid?! I hated the fight personally, I do my best to avoid PvP and then they put it into PvE :<

There really aren’t any tactics except for PvP diminishing returns apply, so they eventually become immune to Crowd Control. Frost Traps are always nice, taking down the totems, and focus nuking the healers, then the NPC causing the highest threat to the raid. Scare Beast worked on the hunter pet.. but honest to God, there aren’t really any useful tactics. Whilst I hated the fight, I’m sure others don’t. It did remind me too much of the boss before Kael2 in Magister’s Terrace though..