Joined my boyfriend’s and a few friend’s guild on my blood elf hunter, Fae, yesterday. I got a spot in the raid and after refreshing myself a little, had to remember how low FPS 25 man Hodir works all over again. On top of that, we were going for hard mode, so I had to find as many beams as I could without a pile of ice landing on my face. After a few tries confused over why i was stuck with 5k DPS, because I know most of my gear is Naxx 25 gear, but I also have a few very decent pieces, T8 2 set, the XT 10 man hardmode gun, I found myself able to hit around 7-8k if I made good use of the beams, CDs, haste pots, bloodlust (heroism), which you know was very nice to see myself doing with not-so-fantastic gear. We had to wipe a few times because of low DPS. Finally got it down with Dan (Ryyus, my boyfriend, the prot paladin) MTing, and a group of mages and a moonkin hitting somewhere between 10k and 16k DPS.. so fucking insane, seriously.

We also made an alt 10 man guild called <IREALYHOPETHISNAMEFI>, planning on doing some Ulduar 10 and Crusader’s Coluseam 10 man on our alts. I still really want to try a resto/balance druid, have one at level 48 that just needs a name change (she’s called Bananafaerie becuase of a 2 year old guild joke which isn’t at all funny anymore, not even to us) and I’ll be fine to level and gear it for these alt runs which should be really fun. Until then I have a Naxx 25 geared holy paladin I can use, once my hunter gets a spot elsewhere of course. All in all, a good night 😀