• The Cataclysm will be released after Icecrown Citadel, not only with the date but also lore-wise.
  • The dances we were told were coming with Wrath are still being worked on…
  • Once faction changes have been sorted, they are planning on implementing race changes, which would mean a Blood Elf Paladin could switch to a Tauren, for example.
  • They may be adding the ability to reorder the characters on the character sheet, thank God I’ve wanted this one for a while xD
  • The guild levelling system being discussed will enable you to create guild heirlooms. You’ll be able to buy profession plans with this and anyone in your guild can wear the item, and it scales with level.
  • In order to ensure enhancement shamans and hunters are able to share the same gear, Blizzard will try to give enhancements similar talents to those given to rets in order for them to use the same gear.
  • In 3.3 they’re talking about pets scaling from all hunter stats and also allowing buffs from raid encounters to affect them (uh oh I smell nerfs inc already…)
  • Also in 3.3, they’re planning to make it so that pets can’t be hit by boss AoEs but others (i.e. PvP) can affect them.

Source: World of Raids.