• Hunter’s will now use focus, not mana, this will work the same way as energy for a rogue, and capped at 100.
    Steady shot will increase the rate of regaining focus.
    Rogue energy comes back at a 10 / sec rate, Hunter focus comes back at 6/sec (12/sec with steady shot).
  • Aspect of the Viper will be removed or redesigned as there will be no use for its’ current state.
  • Ammo will become an item, rather than a consumable.
  • Armour pen is being removed and replaced with something called ‘Mastery’.
  • Attack power is being removed from items, instead hunters will aim for items high on agility. It will still appear on items such as rings so that they will still be attractive to both hunters and warriors, though these won’t be high on agility/strength.
  • Haste is being changed so that it now increases the rate at which you regain focus.

New Legendary announced for Icecrown Citadel!

Shadowmourne, a legendary 2handed axe which will drop from The Lich King, for Death Knights and Hunters.

I’ve heard a lot of whine about the new expansion changes, but, in my opinion, revamping the old continents so that they’re useable again, new races and class combinations, massive profession changes.. and of course the above information, which btw I for one am quite happy about, all sounds like a good idea. People can complain, but, if they don’t give the game changes like these… won’t it just become mundane, repetitive and boring?