Last night I decided after checking if there was a raid on my Draenei to pop over to my Blood Elf and heroic a little. We ended up joining a 25 man Trial of the Crusader pug. Well, unexpectedly, we downed the first 2 bosses. Beasts of Northrend had a couple of wipes due to possibly healer fail I lost track if I’m honest but third go it went down. Lord Jaraxxus went down in the first try which was very unexpected. Admittedly, the pug I joined was run by a few people who I know tend to get together fairly decent pugs, gear checks and whatnot so thankfully they knew me. It was quite fun seeing some of the new content, the fights, whilst being obviously easy, were pretty fun the first time around. So yeah, the first 2 bosses in Trial of the Crusader 25 man normal mode are puggable, though do expect the usual pug drama “That’s not his main spec, give me the item!”, “I’m bored, I’m leaving”, long waits and so on.

Another thing that caught my attention yesterday was the Cataclysm news.. the rest is behind a cut for those of you who hate spoilers, so if that applies to you, don’t click below.

Basically, they’re saying that you will be able to play the usual classes with different races.. such as Tauren Paladin, Dwarf Mage, Blood Elf warrior, Human hunter, as well as a few others. These might make sense with the addition of the new quests ‘An Injured Colleague‘ for Horde, and a Night Elf counterpart, reintroducing the Highborne. On top of this, they’re still adamant that Worgen and Goblin will be the new races..

They’ll apparently be revamping Azeroth, using unused areas such as Hyjal and Uldum, flooding places like Thousand Needles, adding the ability to use flying mounts in Azeroth. Also planning to include Deathwing, Lady Azshara, things like that. The level cap will apparently be 85. However, this was taken from the Something Awful forums and personally I’m not sure I trust this at all, it’s a bit early to be planning Cataclysm in my opinion. We’ll see..