Sometimes love Saturdays, they can be spent doing the most random crap.

I spent most of the day finishing off my Netherwing rep, egg hunting is so easy these days. I think I found a Chinese farmer in the caves, level 80 guildless alliance DK, wasn’t an orc, just ran around killing slimes, I suppose there are very few places they can farm these days (not that I appreciate them at all.)

Not having much to do after that I flew around looking for rares, found 4 😮 Kraator in Shadowmoon Valley, the elemental guy around Oshugun in Nagrand, the Blood Elf and Nuramoc in Netherstorm. I love NPCScan. Well on my way to getting Bloody Rare which is awesome.

I did the Path of Conquest stuff to get the tabard… I was dragged around ZG, Onyxia and AQ trash for the mounts. I told Dan, “first trash pack red will drop and you’ll be gone.” First mob [Red Qiraji blathing] “told you.” So yeah after a run through there he ran off to do the daily heroic so I soloed the trash a bit, annoying to solo but easy enough, got the Green, Yellow and Blue ones.

Last night I decided I want to do Loremaster, why.. I really don’t know, a part of me wants to go for ‘The Insane’ but I don’t think I can bring myself to get that much Bloodsail rep, then back to goblins, and Darkmoon Rep.. and… arg… so yeah, no Insane.

PS. Sorry this post is so late.. I was hoping some news might pop up, that and I ended up raiding last night.