Ok, so, it’s been a week since 3.2 and I’m kinda loving the new changes, I was pretty much against them when I first heard but now it’s great, I’ve got myself Tier8.5 chest and fairly close to the helm, my little druid alt has 20% increased levelling experience from the chest and shoulders.. once I’ve got all my gear sorted I’ll get her the mace and trinket too. I haven’t noticed any major DPS changes but I have been playing around with 3 traps down at once 😀

I’m also loving the new pets, got the baby Gorloc. The mini event in Dalaran got my attention “Give toy back! Stop!” I did melt a little, so cute! The little raptors I’m also trying to farm, every time I enter ZG I kill every raptor I can find. I think it’s about time I started mass pet collecting on my hunter, I can’t help it, I love the little things and if I can get the Pet Biscuit, even better.

Have also been trying to save up Champion’s Seals, I’m after the mounts, love the Silver Covenant Hipogryph, and the upgraded Squire, and all of the tabards and things… however I’m getting so lazy with dailies that I’ve missed 2 days worth of dailies and the Trial of the Champion heroic, woops. I need to stop being lazy and just do them.