I gave ZG a go now I’ve got both my dual spec set to BM, and my level 80 turtle. I managed to accidentally get the pull of the Raptor boss right after many many fuck ups. The idea is to send in the pet, make sure it has aggro on both the raptor and the troll and that it’s in the right position, at least so that you can Eyes of the Beast it to the right one once you’re in position, and keep a Mend Pet on it. Also to run to the top of the steps, feign and WALK (not run, you will more than likely fall off the edge) onto the ledge, this ensures that you can DPS the boss down without being feared, charged or generally attacked. Then hey presto you have yourselves a dead raptor humping troll. Sadly, it’s the pull I struggled with and only mastered after being feared to the top of the stairs where I feigned, walked down, and was lucky enough to be able to Eyes of the Beast my turtle into a position where I could both keep Mend up on him and also DPS the boss down. After pulling my turtle upto the ledge once the troll died, the raptor despawned, though you might as well kill it too, forthelulz I guess :p

The Tiger boss was a little easier though it took much longer. You want to have the health of each troll above their heads so that you can see this clearly as I assume you know they will need to go down together (this is usually keybound to V unless you’ve changed it). Set Zealot Lor’Khan to your focus and keep up Viper Sting on her. Take down the tiger adds and then slowly DPS down each one as you see fit and you may have to switch your turtles target from time to time so that one doesn’t die before the others. Once Lor’Khan’s mana is completely drained you can proceed to get them all down, volley or single target switching works fine but remember to use Misdirects and feigns to keep your turtle’s aggro. I like to use Frost Traps as well when my turtle is disorientated, gives more time before they get to you. Do stock up on bandages and health potions for this boss too by the way, better safe than sorry. Also keep your pet healed up with Mend. Once they’re all down the Tiger boss will spawn, you need to nuke this down as soon as possible to stop the annoyance of tiger adds from spawning and nomming your face. Again Frost Traps are nice for this part, and then you should have a dead tiger boss.

Important to note that you’ll want to keep your pet alive more than anything, so Mend Pet is a big one, and I particularly like the Mend Pet glyph. The Warcraft Hunter’s Union (click and get a nice surprise) has some good guides on soloing things with some tips on how to solo, what specs to use for you and your pet, things like that.