I’ve been browsing around various WoW related blogs and such, so aside from getting myself a copy of Photoshop so that I can fix up the layout a little bit (sadly I couldn’t get WoW Model Viewer working though :(), I’m starting to think about perhaps moving over, getting a different name? I called this blog hunterstuff purely because at first it was an archive of beginner information for myself, but after going back and playing hunter for a fair bit of time, I thought I’d use the space. There is always the chance I might reroll, or want to blog about an alt, though in my opinion the title works for me. If anybody is reading this yet, any feedback on the title? I don’t think it’s too late to change 🙂

Another thing I am definitely considering is getting myself hosted and using WordPress.org. I’ve been trying to incorporate certain things into my blog such as Wowhead links, which I thought would work nicely on the pre-raid gear list section specifically. However, it has turned out that certain things I won’t be able to do with a free host. I won’t be hosting immediately because I want to give this a few days and see how it goes first. Though I will be looking for a decent and affordable host which will be reasonably simple to use with WordPress.org.

The different pages I have added are purely there as a guide, this I would like to stress as some of the information may be my own personal opinion and you are welcome to disagree of course. It can be used for beginner hunters, unsure hunters, etc. I am in no way claiming finality.

Finally, for the time being at least, the graphics, if I can find myself a working version of Wow Model Viewer, as the version I found last night included shadows rather than models of characters, I couldn’t import my character from the armoury and eventually I had a C++ error crash..thingy 😛 So, I’m having to work with screenshots, fanart (if I can find any I like without stealing) and praying that Photoshop works.