After becoming more and more frustrated on the Faction Champions.. and finally downing them, we come to the Twin Val’Kyr. This fight is such a cakewalk after the Faction Champions.

The basic point of the fight is there is one light and one dark Val’Kyr, there are 2 different portals you need to take. Half of the raid should take the light portal to fight the dark one, the other half takes the dark portal to fight the light one. Every now and then one of them will do a move and you need to switch to the other portal, say the light guy casts it, everybody should take the dark portal, and vice versa. On top of this, there are orbs floating around which can’t reach the bosses else they do more damage. As long as everybody can do these things it’s such an easy fight. I think we took more time figuring out who was a “meanie” and who was a “goodie” to take 2 separate screenshots for the home page than learning the actual fight xD