The most annoying thing about a new patch for me is updating my mods, I’m a complete addon-whore. Seriously. I have so many. I have about 26. Different ones for Questing, finding rares, remembering to switch tracking.., raid related mods, mods to make my UI look a bit nicer, mods for different alts such as Clique, PallyPower, RuneWatch.. And seeing as I can’t stand the updating mod scanner type software, it’s all done manually. Basically, thought I’d write about the mods I use, might find some of them useful that you might not have 🙂

_NPCScan: Scans the area for rares, seems to work the same way as a /tar macro so you’d need to be near the rare, but I find it very useful because I very often would miss the rares it finds.

AtlasLoot: Obvious one, lists gear, craftables, items, in easy to navigate categories.

Bagnon: Merges all of your bags and bank slots into one big block. You can see see what you have in your other characters bags/banks. You can check if you have an item in your bank even if you’re nowhere near a bank, of course, you can’t access your bank from it, but still can come in useful.

Bartender4: The first action bar frame I used to replace the standard Blizzard action bars, seeing as I know how it works, I’m quite attached to it. Fairly flexible to move bars aroudn to where you want them, have them any size, change the shapes.

Clique: A nice mod I used to use for paladin healing in TBC, keybound Holy Light, Flash of Light and Cleanse. Still fairly useful, on my shadow priest I keybound Shift-LeftClick, and Shift-RightClick to Dispel Magic and Abolish Disease, which can be configured to grid to simple click dispel, and so on.

Deadly Boss Mods: Another obvious one, prefer it to BigWigs because it tends to be much more accurate and configureable.

Fubar: Similar to Titan Panel but more personaliseable. You can download little extras to go with Fubar to show your Durability, how much gold you have serverwide and on each character, which Locations are good for which levels, and so on.

Grid: Raid Frames. Purely and simply, I use this on my hunter mostly for fast target switching for Misdirects and to see how alive a raid is, judge when it’s worth feigning, if it is. And a very good choice for healers also.

ItemRack: Configure it to make quick switches between different gear sets.

MikScrollingBattleText: A very nice looking Scrollign Combat text, can configure it to move around where it appears, the fonts to use, all sorts of things. can show you outgoing/incoming damage, incoming/outgoing heals, when certain CDs end, how much of an item you have in your bag when you loot.

MiniMapButtonFrame: I use alongside SexyMap, you can configure both so that any extra buttons will go to the Frame, leaving the minimap much tidier.

MiniPet: A button to summon a random non-combat pet.

Omen: Watch your threat.

OmniCC: Shows CDs on your action bars ticking down.

PallyPower: A necessity for paladin buffing, not so useful for hunters.

Prat: A chat mod to change the way your chat box works/looks.

Quartz: Cast bar, nice for timing volleys.

QuestHelper: Quite buggy and a huge memory sponge, but great for the questing lazies.

RatingBuster: Shows the stats relevant to your class on an item tooltip and how much of which stat you will gain/lose if you switch that item.

Recount: Damage Meters.

RuneWatch: A nice rune bar for Death Knights, can change the size, tells you if Horn of Winter isn’t up, how much runic power you have, and of course, your runes.

SexyMap: See MiniMapButtonFrame.

TB Auto-Tracker: A good mod for forgetful hunters like me, especially with herbalism/mining. Will switch to tracking humanoids etc. when you enter an instance to make use of the Improved Tracking talent. Also switches to Track Hidden in Wintergrasp and BGs.

TinyTip: Pretty much a nice looking tooltip when you mouseover people, tells their name, level, guild, class..

TomTom: Type /waypoint 80 80 (example of co ords) to add a dot on the map for a co ordinate you want to remember. Goes well with Lightheaded, especially if you don’t like QuestHelper.

XPerl: Changes the way your UnitFrames look, very nicely configureable.