Logged into Fae tonight after a little time on my Night Elf Death Knight, Soupdragon, to notice a couple of friends in Tempest Keep, Dan got us both spots and lucky for me, I grabbed the tier 5 chest and shoulders giving me the 2 set finally! That is 15% of your damage heals your pet. So I fiddled around a little with my soloing gear, to be using 2 pieces of tier 5 and 2 pieces of tier 7 (5% extra pet damage). Anyway, after trying back on Jaedia without tier 5, I decided to pop back to Attumen, in Karazhan, and test the new 2 set and my God it makes a difference. Instead of panicking if my pet gets low on health I just need to nuke a little harder. Used foods and 2x level 80 stamina scrolls (on both me and my turtle), overall my pet had 25k health and the only wipes were me playing around with the trash packs before Attumen.

A tip for the trash, prioritise killing Stable Hands first because they damage your pet the most, then Chargers because they’re annoying to you, then the rest, and always make sure you pull back to avoid overpulls. Attumen himself is pretty much tank and spank, keep up Mend Pet, nuke down Midnight obviously Misdirecting occasionally, don’t want to overaggro, then onto Attumen, all the time ensuring Mend Pet is up and I highly recommend getting 2 pieces of tier 5 if you can. Time for me to go back to MGT HC, after failing miserably at the second boss yesterday, and test it out some more methinks.