I level quite a few alts, I think I’ve got it down to a tee, can level quite fast when I set my mind to it. Though mostly these days I take it easy. However, there are a few things I use that seriously speed it up. No, not levelling guides, I find half of them slow me down either because I’m trying to decipher what they’re saying, or because they’re saying “do this quest in Azshara, now pop over to Eastern Kingdoms and get the flight plan and hand in some stuff, then go back to Winterspring and kill some yetis, then scare the goblin’s friends with the yetiâ€? and so on..

Anyway, for starters, the heirloom chest and shoulders, I make sure I have both of these before any trinkets, weapons, any of that, because they do stack (have had a few people ask) and the 20% extra experience while levelling is insane. It counts with the experience from quest hand ins as well as killing mobs. So very worth getting. If you have enough emblems you’re willing to spare, or enough Champion’s Seals, go for the weapons and maybe the trinkets if you want.

Next, I make use of my mods, sorry, I like them too much. I have LocationFu for my Fubar, this can tell you which instances are good for your level, which zones are good for your level. It can be a little buggy but nice for those moments where you just can’t decide. QuestGuru gives a nice quest tracker, I found something was blocking me from tracking the quests I wanted to, so having this enables me to track/untrack whichever quests I want in my log. You can also hover over the quest name in the tracker to show a mini tooltip, like that which you’d see if the quest was linked to somebody. I also use QuestHelper, sorry, I got lazy after levelling my Draenei. Used to use a combination of TomTom and Lightheaded, which I’d recommend if you don’t want to use QuestHelper, but I couldn’t be bothered to go through setting waypoints anymore. Without the mods, I make sure I have co ords on my map, and leave WowHead open in the background for easy access if the quest log becomes unhelpful, okay, I leave WowHead open anyway, it’s always useful for something.

Aside from that, after levelling quite a lot, I know where to go and how to level efficiently. I like the pick up a pile of quests, complete them all, especially combining the ones closest together (which is why I like TomTom/Questhelper so much for this) and handing them all in at once. Going back and forth all the time seems a little unnecessary to me. Also, I absolutely love the flying mount changes. Being able to fly around between quests 60-70 in Outlands, and then buy a Tome of Cold Weather Flying (Bind on Account from the Cold Weather Flying trainer, 1000g) which enables you to fly in Northrend as soon as you get there (requires level 68) just makes it a lot faster.

However, if any of these make levelling less enjoyable for you, don’t do them. Simple as. This is just the way I manage to level 🙂

I got my druid to 65, and then I thought I wouldn’t mind levelling my Death Knight who was 67. I can’t decide which one to level now, think a few friends would prefer the druid, but a part of me is thinking that I’m going to get bored of it, it’s taken me this long to level I know I will, also speccing resto, I don’t think I’ve lasted as a healer yet. Death Knight I know I enjoy, and I prefer the class to Ret Paladin. We’ll see ^^