I’ve decided to include spotlighting in my blog, like many others, purely because I like to share the things I like. I’m not limiting this to blogs, or podcasts either, because there are some decent resource websites around which also deserve a spotlight. This won’t be a regular feature as such, just as and when I feel like adding something.

I’m going to start with the Warcraft Hunters Union. Frostheim has included some absolutely wonderful guides on all things hunter, a few guest posts in there as well, which are so well done I haven’t felt the need to bother checking EJ recently (as good a theorycrafting hub as it is, traipsing through the 40 page long threads kills me a little). The guides include helping you to become a better raiding hunter with macro guides, gemming, professions, rotations, all sorts of things to help bring your DPS up. There are also some awesome guides on soloing content, on how to spec/gear/gem for it, and what tactics to use as you go. Along with the excellent guides, he is also a brilliant blogger. Well-written, funny, interesting, useful, informative. If you haven’t already, I recommend you add it to your RSS feed 🙂