Raid last night was interesting, took down 2 new bosses. Although arguably Koralon, the new Vault boss, wasn’t much of a kill shot worthy boss (don’t stand in the fire, congratulations on your loot). Anub’erak on the other hand I think it only took us 3 or 4 tries, but once you make sure healers are assigned mostly to tanks, you pretty much stay in the ice patches (especially in the underground phase) and adds are dealt with while he is burrowing, melee on the big adds, ranged on the little ones, it’s pretty easy. Phase 3 comes about once he is taken down to 30% of his health. Basically he casts a leach on the raid, dealing 20% of your current health as damage. He idea is to nuke him down before the healers become oom.
Raid leader: Now don’t heal everybody up, keep people alive, don’t let anyone die but-
Tank: You can heal me up!
Raid leader: You can heal the tank up.
Do remember to keep the focus, it’s still possible to wipe on phase 3.

Also, we seem to have understood Faction Champions quite well now. What we do is have people locking down the melee, Death Knights, Prot Palas/Mages, Druids, etc. Try to CC the casters as much as possible, and nuke the healers down one by one. Of course, have somebody assigned to taking down the totems as they can be a pain. We usually stick a hunter on these. Once we followed these tactics, it became a one shot rather than an hour or two worth of wipes. Lovely 🙂

We had a few tries on the Northrend Beasts Heroic mode. The first guy hits the tank quite hard, even more so after a while. He also dual-wields. This one appears to be a DPS race, we had the ranged assigned to taking down each and every Snobold, the boss was still at about 10-20% when Acidmaw and Dreadscale appeared. With the tanks still on the boss and having a massive bleed on them, this was a little too difficult like this. I think we need to leave a few snobolds, take down the ones on healers, and possibly casters, but the rest should be healed through I think. Sure, on me, it does annoying damage, but if I’m silenced it doesn’t matter so much. We’ll see tonight.