Now, I’m going to semi repeat myself here because this is getting a little ridiculous. Vashj has a Low/Med population and I’ve been used to that because I’ve had a good friends base, decent guilds to talk in, but recently it’s been getting a little ridiculous. A lot of people seem to be off playing Aion or God knows what. None of my friends seem to be around much, not worth starting a conversation they’re on for such a short time. I don’t want to start raiding with the guild again purely because I tried and couldn’t stand it. I check /2 for pugs and it seems almost impossible… Starting to think about moving elsewhere but I don’t really want to play without Dan this time. Losing faith in Vashj, I moved before, missed everyone. Now everyone’s basically not there.. I’m not going to stop playing Fae, she is my main. But playing her at the moment feels like a chore with this much inactivity and… ignorance.

casual pugging