Spent a large portion of the night going through the Hallow’s End achievements for my hunter, who is quite behind. Took all of the buckets, ran around Southshore, swam around Silverpine Forest, and became rather big and orange.

big orange orange raptor

Later we had some fun in guild though, I’m going to go ahead and not post the entire conversation here because it’s looong, but here’s a snippet. If you don’t get it, you don’t get it, but ya gotta love dem teehee girls :3 …

guild chat

Finishing off with a couple of 3 man normal Trial of the Champion. Dan wants to get himself a healing trinket, so I dusted off the holy paladin and basically click healed it was that easy.. and yeah my bars were configured for Clique which apparently wasn’t activated. My paladin is basically Naxx geared, so could probably use some Trial runs and a few Emblems of Conquest, and I would at least like Edge of Ruin to make Cataclysm levelling a little bit faster.