I’ve recently tried out a couple of different MMOs, played World of Warcraft for about 3 years, possibly more now. I tried Lord of the Rings Online for a 2 week trial and it was great but I decided to go back to WoW and wait for Aion. As soon as we could afford Aion, I installed and tried it out for a month, loved it. The character design is pretty damn good, the game play is fun, they have got a lot right. Though, as you’ve probably seen me complain about, the lag gets too much for me. So, a decision on my favourite MMO.

As boring as WoW gets, it is so developed that it’s hard to leave. I can spend time farming achievements, PvPing, doing 10 mans with friends, soloing old content, and things like that. Aion is such a new game in Europe that it’s very overpopulated and laggy, therefore I find it difficult to enjoy fully, so I’ll give it a break, give the population a little time to quiet down a bit. A good game to me boils down to being able to solo, find a nice social guild, find an average pug, but not be forced to go hardcore to enjoy myself and see the game. All in all, I think I preferred LOTRO, I was in a nice little guild, could laugh and joke, without feeling like I was surrounded by a pile of idiots, the game play was fun, definitely not too hardcore, or too easy, just some of the character design features that bothered me, my female elf, no matter how hard I tried, looked like Liv Tyler. Though I’m not sure which my favourite MMO is at the moment, I at least know which classes I like in each. Hunter, Hunter, Spiritmaster.