HHV_voicetagWhat is Azeroth United?

November 1st December 13th, 2009

Azeroth is Uniting to Support Child’s Play!

Our goal is to join together the voices of all of Azeroth in an effort bring attention Child’s Play, and to and create a joint contribution of at least $5,000 to this worthwhile cause.

Azeroth United brings together bloggers, podcasters, webcomics, videocasts, news sites, utility sites, basically any WoW based style of website you can think of, in order to raise awareness for charity events.

What is Child’s Play?

Child’s Play is a charity run by gamers. They collect donations of money, games, toys and movies which they later give to children stuck in hospitals to help raise their spirits. Over the five years they have been running, they have raised millions of dollars for this charity. I personally hope it keeps going for years to come, because this charity is not only thoughtful, but it really helps the kids get through their time in hospital, and they are able to keep the things they are given when they leave. Click here for more information.