As agreed, tonight I started raiding again. Cleared TotC25 on normal mode, I picked up the boots I was after finally meaning I could switch my tier shoulders for the non-tier shoulders and switch in the T9 chest, keeping my 2 set bonus. After redoing my UI completely, and not raiding in such a long time, I still had to get used to playing again. We went on and one-shot Beasts hard mode, after they’d downed it the night before I think, and 5 wipes on Jaraxxus then he went down. Faction Champions proved to be a bigger challenge however.. By raid end I ran off to gem and enchant, we got a group for TotC10 normal mode, where I also picked up a nice ring (no more Naxx gear, woohoo!) only this time, I decided it was time.. I’d specced Marksman. And it wasn’t so bad after all. I’m sitting on about 80% armour pen, including the Runestone proc. We then killed Onyxia, finally grabbing the achievement and a couple more there.

I’m sorry about the lack of screenshots. I did take a few, but the only image editting programme I have is Paint. I don’t like working with Paint. That and I’m not massively in the mood. Also, sorry for the waffle.