Find yourself losing the will to WoW? I mean, let’s call this person Kay. Kay has been playing since.. the October (I think) before The Burning Crusade was released. She first rolled an undead warlock, later switching to Blood Elf priest to try healing and because they were much prettier, in fact, she’s tried almost every class at least upto 20. So, as a result, levelling has lost its’ fun. Achievement farming can be just tedious, and besides after reaching about 6500 ish achievement points on her priest, it’s basically doing them all over again on her hunter. So, that leaves dailies and questing, PvP, raiding, and casual 5 man/10 manning. Dailies are too repetitive, quests are pretty much all finished, PvP she can’t get her head around, raiding is too frustrating so she avoids that.. she tried but it’s forced, the same way doing dailies and achievements is. Casual 5 manning, 10 manning is all that’s left, and when she doesn’t need anything and has to pug it all, it becomes tedious too. Making gold is still fun but that takes up such a small amount of time it’s barely worth it.

Just at the time when the game becomes stale, a couple of other MMOs pop up. Trying those, seeing how refreshing something entirely new can be, makes WoW seem so incredibly dull.. Personally I don’t know if I’ll stick with Aion, but at the moment I’m bloody enjoying it more than WoW. Which is pretty sad, throwing 3 years of a game away, leaving behind everything I’ve done, and I don’t think I can stop myself from doing festival achievements. I logged into my hunter last night, tidied up her UI a bit, which is now looking very nice by the way, and then realised I don’t just have nothing to do besides dailies.. achievements.. farming and levelling my warlock, but I also had nobody really to talk to, so what do I do? Quit and make this blog a more general life/other games based blog with the odd bit of WoW appearing every now and then.. or keep playing through the burnout and wait until Icecrown… I tell you what though, Icecrown will have to be something pretty amazing to grab my attention. If I quit, as I said, I’d be back for the festivals (not missing out on the Violet Proto again, my priest needs Merrymaker, and Fae will get it by the end of Midsummer) and of course Cataclysm. I at least want to see the Icecrown 5 man and maybe the 10 man, if people would take me.