Run AwayWhether good or bad, pugs can be a little nightmarish, and sometimes you don’t have any choice but to join them to get whatever you need to get done.. done. However, there are things you can do to speed them up a bit and make them a little more bearable.

  • Joke with people, if things are going wrong, if there’s a nice atmosphere between the group they don’t seem quite so bad.
  • If you try to talk to people but they proceed to glare and shout SWE?! Then just keep quiet and carry on with the points below.
  • Pay full attention, do as much damage as you can, use your wolf, your best bullets/arrows, and it will go a lot faster. Plus seeing that you’ve done 40% of the group’s damage is always nice.
  • Misdirect the tank, a lot, especially before you AoE, misdirect the tank, multi shot the pack they have pulled, and volley.
  • Set the tank as your focus to make this go faster.
  • Have one finger over feign incase of fail/overaggro <-IMPORTANT! If the group wipes, in theory, you can stay alive. If you’re an engineer, attempt to resurrect the healer for a little extra speed. If they don’t try to resurrect everybody else if the jump cables actually work, this is normal, leave them to it.
  • Of course, once in a while you run into a good pug, people who know how to play the classes they’re playing, funny, makes it feel a lot faster and smoother. These are very rare but they exist.

If the above tips don’t work and it’s still a wipefest, with people screaming “you noob” on every breath, the tank is pretty much auto attacking for threat and the healer is playing Peggle with full mana… RUN THE FUCK AWAY.