Bone GuyAs well as the usual 10 and 25 player raid instances, Blizzard have announced the new 5 player dungeon, The Frozen Halls (source). There will be a normal version which drops 219 iLevel gear and a heroic version which drops 232 iLevel gear, the same as Trial of the Crusader 10 player. They have said players will follow Jaina Proudmoore and Lady Sylvanas through the dungeon to complete an epic quest to infiltrate the Citadel from an alternative entrance, depending on your faction of course.

The dungeon spans across 3 wings, which on heroic will have separate lockouts. The first wing is called The Forge of Souls, you have to complete this to be able to unlock the Pit of Saron, which then unlocks The Hall of Reflections, where you meet Falric and Marwyn, Arthas’s captains in life, and finally.. Arthas himself. Jaina wanting to find some remaining humanity in Arthas, and Sylvanas, well, she wants to bitch slap him for what he did to her. I’m going to have to do this  dungeon both on my Horde and Alliance just to see the awesome lore from both sides!

With Arthas being in the 5 man, I can’t imagine him not being in the raid instance, so the last boss in Icecrown Citadel is either going to be Kael’thas himself “Tempest Keep and Magister’s Terrace were merely a setback!” Except now he’s Arthas’s gimp. Or the more serious, Arthas won’t die in The Frozen Halls. Perhaps we’ll see another shade boss, shade of Ner’zhul. Also, if one of the bosses doesn’t drop a Frostwyrm mount I’m going to be a little disappointed.. ooh, maybe the quest line gives a reward of “Lil KT“!