I grew bored of trying to finish up Outland Loremaster tonight, so I got my fishing rod and decided to attempt to fish up a Magical Crawdad pet, it’s one I’ve needed on my hunter for a while but haven’t really had the bother to go out and do it. So, following the path on the map below, in Terrokar Forest, which is to check the lake above the Horde base, the lake just above the Alliance base, and fly around the Skettis lake for a bit, checking each one as one becomes devoid of Highland fishing pools. I stuck on my fish tracker and flew around for a bit, fishing when I found a pool, happy little me fished up not only Mr Pinchy, but got the pet, Magical Crawdad box, after the first use of the object. Woot 🙂


Where to find Highland pools to catch Mr Pinchy