I think it’s time for another spotlight, and this time I’m going to throw that one on Aspect of the Hare. Run by Pike, a semi-casual Beast Mastery hunter, who I personally think is a wonderful writer. The things she posts and the way her personality shines through in her words keeps me going back and checking for new updates. While I’m thinking “Oh God, I really should spec Marksman for a little extra damage, and perhaps I should reroll Jewelcrafting/Blacksmithing..”, Pike is raiding as BM with her pet raptor (and I won’t respec my professions by the way, I find Skinning/Leatherworking too useful to just drop). Adding to that, an awesome theme with cute little characters, some nice little huntery guides found in posts or on her pages, this is a must have for any WoW players’ Feedburner.