Patch 3.3 brings a few changes to the Undercity, it is now filled with Kor’kron Guards (source). After what happened at the Wrathgate, it seems the Horde are taking out their whip on the Forsaken, to ensure that no more major slip ups occur. Kor’kron Overseers have replaced the Abomination guards, there are Overseers in the Apothecary, and Bragor Bloodfist has replaced Varimathras as the.. quest giver. So good news for those doing Loremaster or generally wanting to finish a few instance quests! In patch 3.3, you’re not limited on whether you’ve done Wrathgate or not.

As a Hordie, I quite like the Undercity. It’s interesting, and who doesn’t love Sylvanas? After the big battle to gain it back as a Horde city, a few changes around the place are quite nice to see. The rest of the Horde would want to keep an eye on them. I only wonder why they didn’t add this sooner.