Ooh ooh! I’m sorry, but in my opinion, hunters have yet to have a decent looking tier set, and 6 was just creepy. Tier 10 isn’t much different BUT:

  • Hunter T10 2P Bonus – Your Auto Shots have a 5% chance to cause you and your pet to deal 15% additional damage for until cancelled.
  • Hunter T10 4P Bonus – Your Shot abilities deal 4% increased damage to targets afflicted with Viper Sting, Serpent Sting, or Wyvern Sting.

“Yay”  o_o two good set bonuses? Okay, everytime Dan sees a “your pets’ increased damage” he automatically says “ooh, a BM buff” well no. How many people actually use the Tier9 4 set, and how many MM and Surv hunters run around DPSing without a pet (if anybody does that you should slap yourself on the head and go tame a wolf). The 2 piece isn’t just increasing your pet’s damage, it increases yours, and that’s pretty insane. The 4 set is basically increasing the damage of.. everything. Overall, a very nice damage increasing set. It does make me wonder what the set bonuses in Cataclysm will be like, surely they’re running out of decent and original set bonuses, short of redoing every single class.

The appearance of Tier 10 I’m personally unsure on. I don’t like the helm, but I’m a big fan of hide helm so that’s not a problem. The shoulders are a little too big in my opinion, and the rest of the set looks a little boring but I’m used to that. Boring looking hunter sets. The purple design does kind of make up for it in my opinion, I’m really liking the purple model. What do you think about the Tier sets?