Why don’t people do Troll Patrol the Zul’drak daily? It’s about 50g for 10-15 minutes work, if you have epic flying of course. Okay, so I’m guilty of not doing it too, that’s only because I hadn’t opened up the quest until last night. I’m going to do a run down for you. The quests altogether count as 6 dailies, so only do Troll Patrol if you have 6 daily quest spaces left in the day. If you do, for me it takes about 10 minutes, and overall gives 44g 91s, not including anything that drops from mobs you might have to kill and whatever the Satchel gives you at the end.

You have to complete a task for 4 separate people. I like to use Quest Helper to find them, I head over to Finklestein first, using the mod Visual Finklestein. Then to Captain Brandon, Captain Rupert and Captain Grondel, in whichever order I see fastest at the time. If you don’t use QuestHelper, the 4 quest givers can be found at these points. You’ll notice you’re given a buff with a timer from when you first pick up the quest, keep an eye on this, if you do it in the time you get 19g 5s extra, plus a bag with a random item in and the chance to get Deputy Pa’trolla Badge, or a random grey that can vendor for upto 5g. Okay, so the trinket is a bit lame, but the extra gold is awesome.

The 3 Captains mini quest varies each time you pick it up. Captain Grondel can give you: Couldn’t Care Less, Creature Comforts, or Whatdya Want, a Medal? Captain Rupert can give you: Done to Death, Intestinal Fortitude, or Throwing Down. Captain Brandon can give you: Can You Dig It?, High Standards, or Something For the Pain.

Finally, aside from it being near enough 50g for practically 10 minutes work, if you aren’t already exalted with the Argent Crusade, it’s about 850 Argent Crusade rep. 350 for the initial hand in, and 500 for doing it within the 20 minutes time allowance. So in my opinion, if you have the space to do 6 dailies, and can spare 10-15 minutes, do Troll Patrol.