Edit (05/08/10): Of course, now you are able to get Warsong Offensive exalted from farming heroics and not wearing a tabard but the below post is still relevant if you want to do the dailies too.

Aside from being one of the most pointless reputation factions to actually get rep with, some of us actually try to get exalted with the Warsong Offensive. Me included. It’s pretty simple though, first you need to check this list, have you missed any quests? Then there are nine dailies you can do. Five, in Icecrown and four in Grizzly Hills.

Once you’ve finished all non-daily quests you can do, all you can do is complete these dailies every day until exalted. Try to do Assault by Ground with Blood of the Chosen, I usually get most of the quest complete while following the group of orcs. It’s also important to note that this faction is Horde only. See below for where to pick up the quests.

Warsong Offensive in Grizzly HillsWarsong Offensive in Icecrown