NB: Sorry for the long rambly post, I’ve always been interested in lore stuff, I figure if I find them interesting some of you might too.

I’ve never really been a huge lore buff, this is probably why I never gave RP a go in the past, but Dan sometimes rants on about different aspects of the WoW lore, he’s read the books, practically lives on WoWWiki, and I’m pretty sure he listens to one of the podcasts.. Lorecast or something? I can’t remember, but I’ve learnt pretty much all of my lore through his random ramblings anyway. Once in a while, something in game grabs my curiosity. Recently, the Illidan fight, “Just who is Maiev Shadowsong anyway? And why is he so emo?” A little Wiki browse and I found that not only is it a she, oops, but also an interesting lore character.

Maiev ShadowsongThe Basics

Maiev Shadowsong, and her brother Jarod, both played a large role in the War of the Ancients against the Burning Legion. Afterwards, she was Illidan’s jailor. When he escaped, she was imprisoned at the Warden’s Cage along with Akama. Together they escaped and infiltrated the Black Temple, along with a “band of heroes” and dealt the final blow. With vengeance gone, she became a shell of her former self.

Her Background

This is the part I found the most interesting, she was a part of the Sisters of Elune, and when High Priestess Dejahna was mortally wounded, Tyrande Whisperwind became the new High Priestess. With her being a novice at the time, and Maiev being fairly high up in the order, Maiev became jealous. She didn’t think that Tyrande would make a great leader during the time of war, however, she accepted it and moved on.

Around the same time, her brother Jarod became the commander of the night elf defenders. During a scouting party on Mount Hyjal, Jarod and his men came across Illidan trying to open up a second well of eternity, Jarod was attacked and injured in the process though Malfurion, Illidan’s brother, stopped the conflict. Maiev wanted to kill Illidan but Tyrande pointed out her brother wasn’t dead, so she agreed to be Illidan’s jailor.

Illidan Imprisoned

Maiev formed a group of priestesses to watch over Illidan at Malfurion’s request which became known as the Watchers, and she was the Warden. At this point, Illidan was still a night elf and claiming to be gaining powers from Sargeras to help defeat the Burning Legion, though his fellow night elves believed him to be a threat. After some time, their tasks included the finding and capture of dangerous criminals.

Illidan Escaped

While Maiev was out on one of these tasks, Tyrande and some of her sentinels attacked the Watchers and freed Illidan, hoping to use him against the Burning Legion, though he absorbed the Skull of Guldan and became a demon, being banished from Ashenvale. Once Maiev and her remaining Watchers caught upto Illidan they found him in the Tomb of Sargeras, he had found the Eye of Sargeras, an artifact used by the Dark Titan himself, with the aid of Lady Vashj and her naga. Using the Eye, Illidan collapsed the section of the tomb where Maiev and her sisters stood, wiping out all of the Watchers but Maiev.


Malfurion and Tyrande came over to help Maiev as fast as they could to battle off the remaining naga. Maiev tried to blame Tyrande for the entire thing but Malfurion reminded her that it was best to focus on the matter at hand. They followed Illidan to the shores of Lordaeron. Whilst Malfurion went off to talk to nature or something to find Illidan, Tyrande and Maiev came across Kael’thas and his blood elves. They offered to help him protect his people from the undead if he would help them track down Illidan. The bridge collapsed beneath Tyrande as she cast her Stars of Elune, sweemping her downstream. Maiev desperate to find Illidan didn’t save her, kept looking, where they eventually rejoined with Malfurion.


Malfurion and Tyrande had been lovers for thousands of years, so the only way Maiev could perceive to get Malfurion to continue the search for Illidan was to tell him that Illidan had killed her. Stricken with grief and anger, he continued onwards, more determined than ever to find his twin brother.

Malfurion, Maiev and the blood elves managed to corner Illidan and his naga whilst channeling a spell through the eye which threatened to tear the very world apart. Illidan again, once the spell was interrupted, attempted to plead innocence but Maiev sentenced him to death on the spot. However, The truth about Tyrande came out, and with the offer of help from his brother and the naga, Malfurion rooted Maiev to the ground and set off to find Tyrande.

Illidan Free Once More…

By the time Maiev could release herself, gather her remaining soldiers and catch up with the others, Tyrande and Malfurion were wishing Illidan what seemed to be a fond farewell. They let him go! After all that he had done. He killed innocents, wreaked havoc upon the lands, threatened to tear them apart, and aside from that, he was a demon. He was no longer the brother Malfurion had once known, and they were letting him go free. All because he saved Tyrande’s life.

Maiev worked out that if her government would not avenge the deaths of her sisters, she would do it herself. So, her and her solders followed Illidan through a portal he opened, to Outland.

Capture and Infiltration

They almost succeeded in Illidan’s recapture with the naga, and none other but the blood elves who had previously helped them, emerged from the portal and attacked Maiev and her soldiers. They were outnumbered, and she was defeated and captured, kept captive in the Warden’s Cage, guarded by Akama and the Ashtongue Deathsworn. Though they join forces to infiltrate the Black Temple and defeat Illidan. Maiev realises as Illidan dies, that she is indeed nothing now.

My Review

A lady night elf priestess once, who became so full of vengeance after thousand of years of training, keeping watch and being deceived. I would like to see her return in a future expansion pack because it would be a shame for such a huge, interesting lore character to just disappear and go out with a whimper. Sargeras is still out there and I would be interested to see some further Maiev lore!