This topic has been blogged about a lot recently, I know, but it’s showing now the dangers of Blizzard “catering for the casual player”. Sure, it’s great if you start playing WoW, you level upto 80 with their help and Recruit a Friend, they run you through what seems like hundreds of heroics, even doing this one big brown room so much that your head could explode. By the end of it, you have one well geared character ready to enter the most recent raid instance and play with your friend.

Great, but, in which part of that did you really learn to play your class? Do you really like the idea of skipping two entire tiers of raiding? As much as a lot of us have seen Naxxramas, Sartharion, Malygos and Ulduar to the death, there are some awesome fights in there, and not much reason for anybody to go and do them anymore. It’s such a shame.

This is the exact reason I miss TBC. Sure, eventually, there was Magisters Terrace Heroic, and some awesome badge gear, which would prepare you for being about to go quite far into Black Temple and Mount Hyjal, this may have been annoying at the time, but in my opinion it isn’t quite the same. Heroics, especially MGT, were a little harder then. With a well geared tank it went fairly easily, otherwise there did require a little crowd control, interrupts, and so on, which we don’t get anymore.

Generally speaking, Blizzard’s way of “catering for the casual player” has not been a big success in my honest opinion. Surely, the reason for not simply removing those first four raids, would be so that people could go back and do them still, they’re easy enough. Why the need to throw loot at people even more? If it was upto me, I wouldn’t give people loot from badges, perhaps patterns, but allowing people to miss so much, and as a result not be able to play the game they pay for fully, is stupid.