Noticing how close I was to 25 tabards yesterday, I decided to queue for AV while I checked around for the last 3 rares I need for Frostbitten. I needed to farm 30 marks for the Frostwolf Tabard, and of course, most of the time was spent with the map looking a little like this.


I spent a lot of the time here.

dead again

And I made a new friend (yes that is a warlock in the background..)


I spotted a familiar name though, something tells me it isn’t the real Shawn.


And of course, 1 mark away from the tabard.

all good things...

It’s safe to say I gave up at this point with AV, though Vyragosa finally popped up and I think I had a mini heart attack after farming her for several hours every day, she annoyingly has the same flight path as the Time-Lost Proto Drake. I found and killed many warlocks on this fine day, they were lovely and squishy and made for some lovely hats. I went for their imps first, as this is of course the ultimate torture. Sadly, I was too caught in the moment to get any screenshots, but I did find one called Baldric.