For the past couple of nights I’ve been trying to farm Loque’nahak, not for the usual reasons a hunter would, sadly, though that’s at least lessened after I found the dog in Storm Peaks. It’s the last rare I need for Frostbitten. A hunter who really wanted to tame Loque’nahak, having him be the last rare I need for Frostbitten? Well there’s some irony for you.

On my travels I made a new friend.

My Honour

I nicknamed him “My honour” because that’s basically what he is. I find him, I kill him, sweet sweet free honour.

Once upon a time I thought ganking poor, innocent farmers going about their day job was cruel. These days, I don’t. After seeing people’s accounts hacked, guild banks cleaned out, and the characters used for farming. Then they go on to ruin the economy. Azure Whelplings sell for 300g and a stack of Rugged Leather sells for 10g on my server… I remember when Azure Whelplings were rare and would sell for about 1k, and Rugged Leather not even 2 months ago was 30g a stack.

So this is why I chain gank the silly farmer without remorse. For the good of the economy.. plus he killed giraffes.