I have no interesting story about For The Horde seeing as by now this has probably been over blogged by every man and his dog. The usual, a raid happens, we take about 5 tanks which is of course way too many, people lag behind and need summons, we takes ages getting anywhere, but the faction leaders still go down and the happy children receive their bears. Though, how do the bears fit in the mailbox? Might be time to report Thrall to D.E.H.T.A. I did grab a few screenshots though, hover over the images for captions.

PS. It took Dan a year to finally get Stormwind and Ironforge, he had Darnassus and Exodar at 70 so highfive to him..

PPS. For the record, after playing alliance for a while, felt a little bad killing Bronzebeard and Velen for the sake of a bear, I quite like them. No problem at all with Tyrande and the King though 😀

The Trip to Stormwind

Ya Gotta Love Death Knights

Fine Spot for Fishing..?

Toilet Breaks, Sponsored by Vehicle Mounts

As I said.. D.E.H.T.A..

And the big bear butt

And as a side note, we have the Calico Cat and Albino Snake available from Breanni for 50g each when patch 3.3 hits. They’re on MMO Champion if you want to take a look. (i.e. I refuse to hotlink and cba to save and upload) In the same post, we also have the current Tier 10 models available to see. As I haven’t mentioned either hunter or priest yet, here are my opinions: I like them. The hunter set is slightly boring in my opinion, but so are the rest of the hunter sets, so as long as we get the purple one I’m happy. Priest looks decent now that they’ve changed the helm model a little, before it was a collar, now there’s a hood. Great way to hide my priest’s ugly face.