After a long and tedious wait for a healer when pugging the daily heroic, Old Kingdom, and finishing the stupid place, I finished up my dailies and decided I was bored. So, I whored myself out as a healer. Now, if you check Cassea’s character page, you’d realise that I haven’t really played the character since Naxx level. I never took her to alt runs of Ulduar 10, and I haven’t taken her to a Trial 10 yet either.

So anyway, back to my story. I see a Naxx 10 pug bouncing around trade, looking for 3 healers and 2 tanks. The need for 3 healers rang alarm bells really, but I figured how hard can it be. Naxx is easy to heal. The raid leader and one of the tanks started speaking in another language, possibly Swedish, though God knows on a European server. I don’t mind nationality specific guilds, or walking past people talking in /say, in a vent channel, but in generic channels such as guild, trade, or raid, I find it quite rude because it does leave certain people out of the conversation, and after all, isn’t that what /whisper is for? With it being an English server, it is actually against the rules anyway. So, I politely asked if they’d mind speaking English, one said sorry, a couple of minutes later they continue. The run didn’t look to be happening anyway so I left and spotted a Trial of the Champion Heroic looking for a healer. How hard can it be?


Paladin healing this place might actually be my version of hell.

A couple of the DPS started in battlegrounds, but they left easily enough and we got going. I figured I’m a competent player, and the tank seems to be from a respectable guild, decently geared, should be a piece of cake.

The first boss is summoned, we all get through the mounted combat, which was easy and smooth. Jump off our mounts for the main boss, I get up Sacred Shield, Beacon the tank, throw a Judgement of Light onto the skull target, and then notice how much damage the tank is taking.. Well, okay, no problem, I can heal through it. Of course, the rogue stands in the poison, the warlocks are life tapping, and I get sheeped. Fine, I bubble out of it. I get sheeped again. Uh… Tank dies. I apologise, there was nothing I could do about that after all, there was nobody else in the group who could have dispelled me.

Once the first boss is down, Argent Confessor Paletress waltzes out with her army of religious nuts. Right okay, just save bubble for the fear, let the DPS do the rest. I start wondering why my heals aren’t going off. This is the part where we all facepalm, I was healing everybody so much that I went oom.. At this point the group is a bit miffed, I apologise again and try to explain that there is a buttload of group damage, so one of the warlocks starts to blame the tank.

The Black Knight, at this point I am /cowering at the thought of healing anymore and I’m actually shaking, and having to tell Dan to stop talking to me for a while. First pull, I’m killed almost immediately by the add. Second pull, I use bubble to get the adds off of me on the second phase and end up dying in the third. Third pull, bubble is still on cooldown from the last pull and I can’t heal through the damage on the third phase yet again. Fourth pull, I have bubble ready to use on the right phase, I manage to focus heal the tank and myself, and then attempt to heal up the DPS. The poor rogue, who admitted he’d had some bad news yesterday and wasn’t in the best of moods, died again but at least we finished the instance. I now realise why paladins bum haste so much, that dread over “will my Holy Light land in time?” is utterly horrible and nail biting, I found myself thinking “if only I had more haste!”

By the end of this, I was so relieved for it to be over. I apologised to the group incase the entire debacle was my terrible healing, after all, I’m a hunter at heart, I haven’t healed since Naxx, and I have never healed Trial of the Champion. They understood, it’s nice to at least be upfront about any noobishness. I even vowed that I would probably never heal this instance again.. probably.