Today I’m going to do a spotlight on Hots & Dots, because it’s not only visually appealing but also fun to read. Still a pretty new blog, though it seems to be gaining popularity fast, and definitely worth taking a look. It’s a beautifully designed blog, with a lovely simple theme, run by two sisters, who play a resto druid and a shadow priest together. Each blogging about their experiences mostly in raids.

Recent posts, personally, have been very true to heart. In particular, one post about how a decision such as which guild to join pretty much decides how the game turns out for you. This was something I can currently relate to being between guilds and thinking about server transfer, which would mean leaving both my alts and my boyfriend behind on my current server, so having a think about that, I don’t want my future WoW play to be affected too negatively. On one hand, I’d miss playing with Dan with my main, and on the other if I did stay, I’d probably go insane from guildless boredom.

Another post which got me thinking was today’s post about how Cassandri was hacked. She was lucky to be online at the time and able to stop them from deleting all of her gear at least, however, many who are hacked aren’t. I’ve known so many people who this has happened to and it’s lead to them quitting WoW. If I was hacked, I’d be very pissed off, the amount of time and effort I’ve put into my account would suck to lose, so I’m going to get an Authenticator. I suggest anybody who doesn’t yet have one gets one too because they aren’t too expensive, and saves a lot of hassle later on.

Do go and have a look if you haven’t yet 🙂