Finally, altoholics and questaholics all over Azeroth will be happy to see, well I am at least, Blizzard’s inbuilt quest tracker on the PTR. Greg Reece of talks briefly about the feature, with a few images of how it looks at present. This feature can of course be disabled, like many other similar features implemented in the past. It breaks the map into 4 panes, “a map pane (left), a pane listing active quest names for the zone being viewed (right), a pane listing the full quest text for any highlighted quest (bottom left), and a pane listing the quest rewards for any highlighted quest (bottom right).” [Blizzard] All active quests will be assigned a number, which will be shown on the map. There is also an arrow in the top right corner which you can click to bring the map out of full screen mode to leave open while you quest, great for the bad navigators out there! I personally open the map so much when I’m moving around that you’ll often see me running into trees and such. There is also now a quest difficulty tracking feature which you can turn on, colouring each quest by difficulty on the map interface.

Since playing Aion, I have really missed the transparent map feature I could leave open and run around with because I never took a wrong turn. The fact that I hopefully won’t need mods like Quest Helper anymore will also be awesome and I hope that this feature is more successful than the gear swap feature, because I personally am really looking forward to it. What are your thoughts on it? Do you think it’ll be another flop, or do you think it will be a well-used feature?