Guild Stuff

This blog was originally intended to be a hunter blog, but it has grown to be more generic. I prefer it this way, because I don’t feel limited by my blog’s category when I come to write something. Recently I’ve been posting a lot about achievements and alts, but I do still play my hunter a lot.

The problem is that I don’t have a guild. I’m struggling to meet a guild on my server which isn’t full to the brim with hunters, or cocky children (more of the latter), and I’m having a hard time finding somewhere to transfer to. I’m quite attached to this stupid server. I know the ins and outs of most guilds, and people, I have Dan here who I enjoy playing with, and I have a shedload of alts to play and make gold from. I couldn’t transfer without knowing everything about the guild I’d be joining and the server I’d be selling myself to, I’d have to know the population, the economy, the reputation of a guild, the raid times and a full list of rules, so that I know whether to agree or disagree. I want to know what I’d be getting into so that I wouldn’t have to panic about transferring back if it turned out badly. Sadly, I have yet to find a guild website with enough information to make me think, “Yes! That’s the guild and server for me!”

Pug Stuff

For now, I’m pugging. I know a couple of people who run some semi-decent pugs. In fact, I joined one last night which cleared TotC 25 without a single wipe. Nice huh? The funny thing was, there was another hunter in the raid, from one of those cocky guilds. Whilst stood outside waiting for the raid to fill, as you do when you join a pug, you check the other people of your class. All I did was check his weapon because I’m getting quite desperate for a 212 DPS ranged weapon, lucky me he already had the crossbow. Anyway, I carried on nomming my Chinese, and he started talking to his friends, “Oh look that hunter is inspecting me” *Cocky hunter points at me* to which I replied, “I’m eating, and anyway, I’m an AFK stalker, shhh.” After his death on Beasts and low damage on Jaraxxus, I checked his gear a little. He’d put no effort into his gemming at all, fairly decent gear though, I didn’t check his talent spec fully but he had 11 points in Beast Mastery in his Marksman spec. Hm. Nice one.

When we’d killed the Twin Valkyr, I was sat here quite proud of my 9k dps (it’s a new thing for me, be nice) and Twin’s Pact dropped. Wow. I’d wanted this staff since I first saw not only its’ stats but its’ looks, and I’m running round with Edge of Agony. As much as I love my Edge, Twin’s Pact was an upgrade so I rolled. The other hunter rolled too, higher than me. I shrug it off, carry on, but outrage ensues. The raid leader wasn’t giving it to him and carried on rolling for the other gear. One of the paladins started whispering me about how it was a downgrade for him, and he was bad anyway, well true but it turned out he was using Hellion Glaive *facepalm* Not only was he a lazy gemmer but he also didn’t have a clue! In the end the raid leader asked him if he had any arguments over him giving me the staff and the other hunter’s response was along the lines of “Whatever, I don’t care.” I love how I inadvertently caused drama, without actually saying or doing anything. Meanwhile, the shadow priest was whining about not getting a piece of loot while everybody ignored him. Good times.

Life Stuff

At the moment, my mum is in hospital and it has struck me a bit weird.. Those of you who know me will know the situation with us, but even so I am worried, and I am a little freaked out to see somebody I know so weak. I visited her on Thursday, the first time I was told after she was admitted 2 weeks ago.. She will be fine, she’s coming out on Monday, but even so. My blogging may die down a little bit, I don’t want to start making boring filler posts just because I don’t quite have the passion in me right now.

Nice Stuff

Something that cheered me up Friday morning when I woke up. The first thing I do is check for any new emails, there were 2. One of the usual Junk, and one Lil K.T. pet code from a dear friend of mine, you may know her as Elsen the resto druid, I know her as the girl who put a smile on my face after a weird day and a horrid night’s sleep. Thank you Sophie 🙂 I loves him.

Lil K.T.