As you may have noticed, but probably haven’t, from my armory profile in the sidebar, I have rejoined my last guild, Dice. I’m going to keep the reasons I originally left between me and a handful of friends, but it’s now under new leadership, and I have a lot of faith in these guys to make Dice a decent guild.

Really though, I miss my friends, and of course I love raiding with Dan. We always used to have our 10 man groups, in TBC we ran Kara on a Friday night, in Wrath we always did Naxx 10, moved onto Ulduar which essentially in the end I lost my place in because I moved over to Terenas to play around a bit, and when I came back we got a Trial 10 group going. The problem with Trial 10 is that just before they released Anub’erak, I needed to take a short break. I can’t remember if this was my Aion break or my LotRO break, but either way, I obviously lost my place in the group which I expected and since about that time I’ve not only been really desperate for a new ranged weapon, but have felt rather dejected in the game, which lead to me mostly farming achievements.

Now, I really really want to give raiding a crack. I’ve rejoined Dice under the premise that there will be changes, and I know the new GM (who is a lovely fluffy cow) and the other officers want to see the same changes as I do. This makes the going back a hell of a lot easier. Already I’m noticing changes and I really think these guys can do a great job with the guild. I’m joining as a trial, I want to make sure I’m upto it, if last night was anything to go by, I think I’ll be able to stick around for a long time.

All I need to do is remember to disable a few mods before raid because 5fps is not good enough for DPSing.. remember to keep farming those mammoths in Storm Peaks next to the Brunnhildar Village, the drop rate on mammoth meat is pretty good, also get a bit of chilled meat and some leather, on top of this their respawn rate is awesome. Oh yeah, there goes my tangent. Basically, I need a little gear and practise to catch up with the other guys again because I’ve been out of the raiding loop for so long, I’m trying to keep up with my reading and I’m very interested in checking out a few of the blog posts on cooldown management, forcing trinket procs and so on, though I have been respeccing, regemming and fixing up bits of gear where I can. I’m getting there, if I can manage 7k on Jaraxxus in a pug, I’m sure I can get there while in a guild raid.

What is the ‘Relationships Within Azeroth’ bit about you ask? Well, having fun with friends is after all what this game is about for me, and I love it when things look to be coming together. So here’s to messing about in Orgimmar at silly hours.