At the moment I’m working on Frostbitten, admittedly I’ve found it pretty hard to fly around in the day and find anything. Late at night/in the morning I can find several rares at a time. So at about 3am, yeah I know.. different story altogether, I’ll head over to Krasus Landing and do a full lap of Northrend. Last night I managed to find 4 in this one lap, which is insane when I can fly around in the day and find nothing. I think I only need 9 more for the achievement now.

Anyway, I thought I’d have one last check for Vyragosa before going to bed, because my God she has one annoying path. I didn’t find her, in fact, my NPCScan did pop up and my first thought was “Vyragosa!” but no, it was Skoll, the spirit beast in Storm Peaks. I actually panicked a little. I’ve always told myself that if I had to have a spirit beast it’d most definitely be Loque’nahak, but the lightning doggy looks pretty awesome anyway and I’d be a little stupid not to grab it. Though, the only stable spaces I could have freed were my cunning pet, Slidey, who I’ve grown a strange attachment to, and my level 75 polar bear, Gwynarth, who was my first hunter pet, ignoring the dragonhawk which ran away while I was running to Silvermoon to train feed pet. Dan ran with my hunter all the way from Undercity to Dun Morogh to tame the polar bear there because it was the only pet I wanted, and last night he told to to ‘let it free’ to free up a space for this spirit beast.. well okay, I’m not a complete idiot, but I did have to close my eyes to do it.

I think I found the spirit beast at around the co-ords 27,70ish in North West Storm Peaks, and when I found it I popped on my new Argent Tournament tabard and used it to get to the stable master fairly fast to avoid risking the mob despawning, then switching to my soloing spec so I could tame it.

skollI might redo my BM spec to be a PvP spec, to try it out and give me an excuse to use my spirit beast. Any ideas for a name?

This is why hunters are clearly better than warlocks, can they tame lightning smothered blue wolves? No! Therefore we should all join Brigwyn’s campaign to kill all warlocks.