There’s a very interesting player spotlight today on Kripparrian of Exodus EU on World of Raids. He talks a lot about using Auto Shot effectively while on the move, forcing the internal cooldowns on trinkets to proc early so they’re ready later for Bloodlust/Heroism, basically, how to move out of the shit without dying, and still being very high damage. The build he uses doesn’t include Improved Arcane Shot, which allows him to take it out of his rotation, using it as a filler shot on the move, basically it’s the Marksman build for those with very good gear and a lot of Armor Pen.

It got me to thinking, do I make use of my cooldowns and shots enough when I do raid? Am I really as effective with my movement in fights as I think I am? Looking at this, I will admit that I probably don’t. I never got round to learning the Jump Shot technique to let out a few more auto shots, I use Disengage but probably not enough, I forget to use Multi-Shot instead of Aimed on multiple targets, purely because I guess I’m lazy, but it’s time I picked myself up and sorted it out.

If I can manage about 6k DPS on Lord Jaraxxus 25, in a pug, that’s okay, I was proud of that, but what if I can squeeze more? I’ve been picking at my spec and glyphs for weeks, and at some point I need to decide whether to get my Armor Pen up a bit with gems or try to get more from gear. I’ve been checking a few people on WoW Meter Online, and many of them have specced into Focused Aim, which I suppose on fights like Anub’erak is very useful if you’re using Steady Shot a lot more. I’m currently sat on about 70% Armor Pen, so at the moment, I think I will give this spec a try and see how that goes.

I will say one thing though, aside from a few threat issues, I have noticed a nice DPS increase since I specced MM, and I am enjoying it about as much as I enjoyed Survival. Also, I’m not a complete min-maxer, there’s a part of me which would love to spec Jewelcrafting and Blacksmithing or even Engineering, but I’ve always been a Skinner and Leatherworker and I have an attachment to those professions, I don’t like to reroll professions unless I find one to be particularly useless. I like to pick up rare patterns, and I have picked up a few Ulduar/Trial patterns, I like finding Arctic Furs when I’m grinding, would suck to lose that. Hey ho, here’s to some more DPS squeezing.