Another feature I’d quite like to do, go through a few blog posts I’ve found in my reader and particularly enjoyed reading in the week, whether they’ve made me laugh, or not. This one might be a bit long but I suppose that’s a good thing.

Fulgaralis at Killing ’em Slowly talks about how awkward it can be to make a phonecall to a guild member:

Me: *dials number* *phone rings*
Family Member of Optimis: “Hello?”
Me: “Yes, excuse me but is Optimis there?”
FMoO: “Who?”
Me: “Optimis, the hunter. Pet’s name is Prime. Likes to shoot things with arrows?”

The Guildwatch section of found that some guy in General admitted to paying 425g for an Unusual Compass because he’d been told that it show him the location of the Time Lost Proto Drake. Gullible people are awesome.

Mortigan the Lock talks about increasing his DPS when My Otherlock comes along and steals his place on Recount, so:

“Morty tried enlisting the services of some Ally Rouges to see if Mr. Otherlock could be back-stabbed repeatedly and dropped off the far edge of Outland where he would just fall and fall until the Sun goes supernova… but the dang Ally Rouges couldn’t make sense of Morty’s Blizz-scrambled speech, and the frantic gestures toward Mr. Otherlock didn’t help at all”

Tamarind of Righteous Orbs talks about the comparisons between levelling up and gaining achievements, as well as the Malygos fight.

“I remember when I was attempting (and failing) to introduce a friend to WoW she said that levelling up was like some kind of in-game orgasm – apparently there you are, wandering around the world, confused and killing crocodiles, and suddenly you become suffused by a golden glow and surrender to an uncontrollable DING!”

Anea has finally discovered the origin of the Draenei!

Windsoar of the Jaded Alt gives us a well spoken response to the shared topic over at Blog Azeroth, Relationships Within Azeroth. I particularly agree that relationships we make online can be just as fulfilling as friendships in the real world.

Last but not least, new blogger to Blog Azeroth, Oath, at Dressed to Cuddle, tells us that “yes, there are actually people out there who buy vendor items from the AH.” Worth checking out his blog in my opinion.