Sunday again, so, here’s another recap of what I’ve been reading in the past week.

Ever found that a boss try is going so badly that it’s better if you just wipe, run in and start over? And although the raid leader is screaming, “Stop healing and wipe it!” Half of the raid is still DPSing, and the healers insist on healing? Morrighan tries to teach us How to Wipe in Trial of the Grand Crusader. Whether the overzealous shaman will listen however, who knows.

Those of us who play on PvP servers will be too familiar with hearing, “You chose to play here, you deserve to be ganked.” I personally can’t stand this attitude, and Lathere at Hots & Dots is pretty much spot on with my reasons why.

Yet on the other hand, if you play on a PvE server and manage to get yourself PvP tagged, then it is your fault a little bit. In fact, Mortigan seems to quite enjoy the Sleazy Fun of Cheap Shots.

Rivs tells us his Goals and Ambitions within Azeroth; “Become the most hated mage on the server. – Same concept, but I just want to be so infamous it’s sick. Like Jack Sparrow, when the guy goes, ‘You are the worst pirate I have ever heard of.’ Jack’s reply, ‘Ah, but you HAVE heard of me.’ “

Similarly, Nibuca has a Little Want List. Such things as being able to reorder the character screen and dismount on a flight path if you need to. I liked the idea of a shared bank space for all characters on that account and faction in Aion, Nibuca brings up the idea of, “Account vaults. I should not have to have a guild-of-one. I should be able to “buy” an account vault and use that for storage for all my toons on one server. Yes, I’m totally aware that making it work cross-faction/cross-server probably isn’t ok.. that’s fine.” I think I might actually be in love with the idea, would make alting a lot easier, less relogging.

I think my favourite WoW.com post this week has to be the one in which Blizzard admits that “Arenas were the single biggest mistake in WoW‘s history.” I’m awful at PvP and don’t particularly enjoy it, though the odd battleground when I’m feeling a little bored is fine. I’ve tried arena in the past and I couldn’t stand it, if I didn’t go in without a bandage specced rogue or a tanking specced warlock I’d be screwed, and the amount of PvE nerfs due to arena? Yeah, it’s a concept I can’t stand and the snobbery behind arena players does my head in too. The fact that Blizzard admitted that arenas were a bad idea put a big smile on my face.

In fact, Keeva at Tree Bark Jacket also made me smile with the longest rant about Gevlon I have ever seen. I agree with her entirely, I’ve never liked the very hypocritical, “You’re a moron because you do this, now if you excuse me, I have pointless things to do” attitude, and Gevlon just seems to be all about it. /shrug. Well what you don’t read can’t annoy you I suppose.

Last but not least, Frostheim’s Legendary level 1 dwarven hunter run sounded and looks like it was bloody fun. Two raids full of green names, a stream of half naked dwarves, and one dead dragon. There are a couple other posts related to this on the blog I recommend you check out too.