Turkey on MountSo, another week, and what have I been reading? To be honest, not a lot. I’ve had quite a few lousy days in which I didn’t really feel like catching up on my reader, and I’ve fallen so far behind now that it’s difficult to catch up. Though I have found quite a few gems this week anyway. Also, an excuse to post a turkey on a mount *giggle*.

The guys at OutDPS and Warcraft Hunter’s Union have recently interviewed Kripparian, one of the best hunters in the world, on their podcast. Since, they have both started up the theorycrafting and how to manage cooldowns. These are well worth reading for any hunters out there who want to increase their DPS.

Windsoar at Jaded Alt has found an awesome website called EpicAdvice.com. It’s a website where you can comfortably ask questions about World of Warcraft, and get decent answers. Her review of the website is excellent, and convinced me to check it out. I’m aware that this website has been around for a while, but this was the place I found it.

Mortigan the Lock this week let us in on a sneak peek at what endgame bosses are upto. “It’s a desperate loneliness that drives these three together.  No one else understand their unique plight.  Except one, maybe…”

Elsen gives us an excellent guide on how to be the last person in the WORLD to be exalted with SSO. Even if you are already exalted, it’s still worth a look as it’s a good read.

Skip at More Bars Than You gives us an insight into feral druid talents, particularly feral aggression. Have to say, I love his writing style so much that though I might not really know much about druids as such, I still enjoyed reading this post, and every other.

I actually discovered Aphroditi’s warlock blog, Fel Fire, via wow.com. They linked to the auction house UI guide, and now I’m doing the same because it is actually an excellent guide. Shame I can’t be bothered with Auctioneer, though this guide has particularly convinced me that it’s not so bad, who knows?

Tykot, a new poster at Pwnwear, has posted a brilliant guide on how to make money with jewelcrafting.

Lassirra at The Hunter’s Mark has given us a brilliant guide to The Isle of Conquest, which I will refer back to when I get around to PvPing some more.

Big Bear Butt has been harping on party politics this week, in a few fun to read posts relating to his paladin and pugging.