I took the opportunity this week whilst farming rares and attempting to fish up a Giant Sewer Rat (just don’t..) to catch up on my reader. I suppose the amount of people off celebrating Thanksgiving helped with my catching up as well. Although, there have been a few posts which caught my eye.

The post on Dueling Etiquette at I Am A Paladin was quite interesting to read. I do remember being dueled in the Crossroads when I started leveling, and I remember the whine if any particularly annoying cooldowns were used such as Lay on Hands or potions. It’s a nice reminder for people who have forgotten or don’t know the manners which should be used while dueling.

The View From The Branches has posted another awesome guide in the form of Vanity Pets. I’d actually considered doing my own guide on vanity pets, though I guess I don’t have to now because this one is so thorough. Even though it is from an alliance perspective, the alliance only tips, can be easily checked out on Warcraft Pets.com.

WoW Insider have posted another Know Your Lore article about Quel’dalar this week. Worth reading if you’re interested to know the lore behind the sister blade, however, includes spoilers for the quest chain so don’t read it if you want those to be a surprise.

Also on the topic of lore, Loregy has posted a post which I found quite interesting, speculating on the presence of the Grimtotem clan in Cataclysm. Could well be spoilers, though very interesting to take note of.

Gnomeaggedon posted 2 guides this week on how to min/max gear before hitting 80. This is something I don’t usually put much thought into when leveling an alt, although it is an interesting idea. You can find part 1 here, and part 2 here.

Frostheim has been working on getting some footage for a song he’s written for a while, which has now been published at WHU, I’m A Hunter. Definitely go watch the video it’s well done and has a good beat to boot.

Also, congrats to Pike for being the first blogger I have noticed post her successful NaNo results.