OHAIThe name’s Jhuutom, aka Felly the Felguard, aka You Idiot, aka Gordon Ramsay (don’t ask). Fae was feeling rather tired today, so we let her sleep *ahem, hides Nightmare Potion..*

Anyway! I decided to take my warlock for a walk, you may know her as Hadlo, though I do not care too much for the names of lesser beings. As per usual, I was the one doing all of the work while she just used her.. erm.. “damage over time”. Useless. I tell you, by the time she’s cast a Shadow Bolt, I’ve already killed the damn creatures! She could really use some more haste. So, once we’d found a piece of elemental scrap for some odd amulet thing, which she said she needed to do to aid Fae, hell if I care, we took a Windrider back down to the Borean Tundra.

I reminded her that there was a lot of haste on the Nexus gear, you know, that nice stuff from the quests. So, remembering we hadn’t done those yet, we popped over to the Amber Ledge to speak to a few mages and torture a few cultists, after all, who doesn’t love a good evening of torture? On the way, Hadlo thought it would be funny to chain up a cultist and mock him for a while…

Hadlo's pet cultistYou’ll notice that I am uninterested and take no part in this whatsoever. Bloody nuisance bag of bones… She spent so long laughing at this, that she didn’t happen to notice the Alliance warlock and druid hovering around, yes that’s right, she got us killed. Laugh it up. You’ll regret it later.

After they’d buggered off, we made our way over to Coldara island. A place full of whimsical blue dragons and giant magical trees… OF DEATH! I had such a great time running around murdering stuff, and she didn’t even get me killed this time, like that time with that debuff from the spore poison… Ah never mind, but it’s a wonder I still let her claim that I’m her demon. Ha! But hey ho, shit happens, as long as I get to murder stuff without 24 Death Knights and a Ret Paladin grouping up to kill me for Freddy, my lovely, cuddly axe, then I can deal with the rest.

Hadlo also likes to claim that she’s all weak and feeble, in order to get help from her “friends”. Come on, we all know the warlocks don’t have friends, that’s why they’re so close with the darkness, it’s the only thing that really “understands” them *snigger*. Moreover, she knows, deep down, that I could have soloed the place. The blue flight and a few overenthusiastic trees are no match for me. Though these apparent friends came, and they helped, perhaps they’re not so bad, I mean, I guess it gave me a break from doing all of the work for a little while. As such, we got her some more haste gear, perhaps she might actually help me out with some of these quests now.. *more snigger* as if.

Hopefully, Fae will be back next time.. Once the effects of the err.. good night’s sleep has worn off. Until then, suffer well.