An idea formed by Naithin via twitter, as I tried to give poor Anea death knight tanking advice. Maybe some of this is useful, who knows!

  1. Fire is hot, you shouldn’t stand in it.
  2. If you’re a death knight don’t get block on your gear, you can’t equip a shield.
  3. See above if you also happen to be a druid.
  4. You should spec into the talents that stop you being hit really hard.cow
  5. Don’t die. This is bad.
  6. Get gear that makes your health bar go up.
  7. If your mana bar happens to be red or light blue, don’t drink, you’ll waste money.
  8. Oozelings sure are cute aren’t they?
  9. Watching TV while you tank makes it less boring.
  10. When the DPS die, it’s clearly their fault.
  11. If the ceiling falls on your head, you’re doing something wrong.
  12. Same goes if the boss isn’t in front of you.
  13. Or if the healer happens to be..
  14. In fact, sod the rest of them, they just get in the way.
  15. Oh right, you’re gonna need a healer. Get off the floor.