Syrana has decided to join in the syphilis fun and share a few topics too, I personally find thinking of a topic to write about the biggest challenge in blogging, and as such I love the shared topic idea, and the spreading topics like syphilis idea is also one I can get behind 😉
So, Syrana asks:

“@Jaedia – If you could tame any animal (in game or IRL) what would it be, why, and what special ability would it have?”

Actually, I’ve mentioned this one on twitter before I think. If I could tame any pet ingame (that I currently can’t) it would have to be a giraffe. They’re so cool looking. I would include the Longneck Grazers in Scholazar Basin as being giraffes as well as the Barrens Giraffes. I think this really stems down to my vague boredom flying around Scholazar looking for Loque’nahak, trying to complete Frostbitten (which I still haven’t found, he remains the last rare I need to complete it) and possibly my prancing around the Barrens.

My inner voice just decided, “Wouldn’t it be cool if you could tame a giraffe?” This is the same inner voice that wants a Baby Yoggy vanity pet, and a badger mount. In fact, I think I made Dan ask a GM for a badger mount for me back in TBC, they came up with some elaborate plot to buy Tigul a poodle, let him get attached to it, and then kidnap it and hold it ransom until he designed a badger mount.

Its special ability would be to headbutt its opponents dealing X amount of damage, and knocking them down for 3 seconds. Also, it would have to have an idling animation. This would consist of a duck walking past and the giraffe pointing at it.


And also a sleeping animation, purely because I just found an awesome picture of a sleeping giraffe.