FactionToday’s post is actually influenced by 2 other blog posts. Arioch talked about how she feels more like a stranger playing on alliance, compared to the familiarity of the horde. Whereas Pike talks about how she loves playing both equally, and something about a guardian angel Linux penguin…

Personally, when I first started playing this game, the people I was playing with were horde on this PvP server. I wanted to be a night elf hunter on an RP server I think, in fact, I wanted to be a paladin originally, but I ended up being an undead warlock, because at this point there were no blood elves, and undead was the least stupid looking race in my eyes. Eventually grew tired of warlock, it was easy to level to the point of being boring, at endgame it was terrible to play, and I was terrible at it. So, I tried priest. TBC was out so I made my blood elf priest to heal and had such a good time levelling, made some friends from all the pugging I did, and got upto 70 and straight into a raiding guild, as shadow of all things which I never expected to be going but it stuck, I have never had a healing main spec on my priest.

Anyway, fast forward to a few weeks into the Ulduar patch. I was still horde, after.. well I don’t know I can’t remember when TBC was released, but a few years. I decided to make a night elf death knight on a friend’s server to play around with one day when the servers were down, and I went back to it after I’d quit/taken a break from raiding. I loved it, working through the alliance quests in Outland and Northrend for the first time. It felt a little weird being the other faction suddenly but a couple of friends followed me over for a while and I wasn’t alone.

Eventually, I logged into my horde hunter back on Vashj, and I realised I missed my friends, Orgrimmar, the Sunreaver’s Sanctuary, wolf mounts.. and my God the alliance tier 9 set looked so terrible! I particularly missed playing with my boyfriend so I switched back and well, for me, horde feels like home.

I have no ties to either faction, I’m fine playing both. If I rerolled on a random server, where I knew nobody, it’d be a tough one. I like a lot more of the alliance races, and they do have the best mounts, but, I’d miss the horde cities, and being able to play with big fluffy cows, and everything else listed above. I am a hordie, not by sheer dedication, but attachment.

Do you guys have any particular attachments? Which do you prefer playing, horde or alliance? Interested to know the consensus on this one.